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        Sichuan Yimu Wood Co., LTD. (www.bestepisodes.netFounded in 2020, it is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of domestic and foreign wood and special anti-corrosion treatment of wood products。Set R & D, design, sales, installation in one, the products to green environmental protection, cultural environment, scientific and technological innovation as the principle and the sentiment by the majority of users trust and favor。

1. Wooden house building: design, manufacture and installation of light structure wooden house, log structure wooden house, antique wood building wooden house, anticorrosive wood supporting room (anticorrosive wood guard booth/guard booth, anticorrosive wood toilet, anticorrosive wood machine room, etc.);
2, landscape anticorrosive wood products:Anticorrosive wood pavilion/anticorrosive wood railing/anticorrosive wood fence, anticorrosive wood flower box/anticorrosive wood tree pool, anticorrosive wood plank/wooden bridge, anticorrosive wood flower stand/wooden gallery frame, anticorrosive wood floor/wooden platform, anticorrosive wood small pieces (anticorrosive wood sign/sign board, anticorrosive wood chair, anticorrosive wood water wheel, anticorrosive wood windmill, etc.), anticorrosive wood exterior wall panel, wooden sauna board, etc...Production and installation;
3, production and sales: camphor pine anticorrosive wood, southern pine anticorrosive wood, red pine anticorrosive wood, Hemlock anticorrosive wood, radiation pine anticorrosive wood, pineapple grid, balao wood, mountain camphor wood, eucalyptus, golden silk pomelo, Cambas, red cedar, heavy bamboo flooring, ecological wood, all kinds of wood square and specification boards。
     The company's products are widely used in the landscape engineering of real estate companies, private manor clubs, ecological leisure farms and tourist attractions。Our customers are all over Sichuan and southwest China。
 The company's anticorrosive wood gathered many skilled craftsmen, will come up logs, with ****** retro process to be highly anti-corrosion treatment, supplemented by ****** unique environmental protection painting process。Each product created by it has a distinctive personality, simple, elegant and distinctive, and truly achieves natural solid wood, white quality and green environmental protection。The company's anticorrosion advocates nature, return to the true, green environmental protection, and strive to harmony between people and nature ******, truly create a natural and warm life for people。

      Our Advantages:
****** Measurement: According to the careful measurement results suggested materials construction, project experience
Reasonable quotation: material table, quotation table to be fine, ****** transparent, refuse to "wild speculations"
Construction team: Professional construction team, good at all kinds of outdoor landscape engineering, many years of construction experience
Butler service: The company 24 hours customer service to solve professional problems
Our company in line with the "implementation of ****** project, build a reputation brand" 

  The company spirit of customer first.Integrity-based business philosophy,After years of honing,Have a strong ability,Technology hard integrated team,The company will uphold the integrity of the first,服务******,The concept of brand first,Sincerely face the customer,We take high quality,The low-margin business model provides you with products that strive to conform to your wishes,Your satisfaction and trust,It is a strong driving force for our wonderful future in wood structure。